A Biblical look at the issue of Racism-Part 5

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In this final article about Racism, we must address some of the main sociological concepts that are inherent in the issue of racism today such as Social Justice, Critical Race Theory, and Intersectionality.  I cannot study these issues in-depth in an article of this length. My intention is to show that there are components of each of these that are opposed to the teaching of scripture and come from a humanistic or even Marxist world view. This worldview is the foundation of Communism which has always resulted in poverty, lack of freedom–especially religious freedom, starvation, and murder. Socialism, a variation of communism, is already a philosophy that is connected with these concepts and push for the forced redistribution of wealth from the “haves” to the “have nots”. The taking of anyone’s earned wealth to give to someone who did not earn it is, quite simply, theft. The Bible says you shall not steal (Exodus 20:15). So with this in mind, let’s get into this.

Social Justice

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Social Justice is “The objective of creating a fair and equal society in which each individual matters, their rights are recognized and protected, and decisions are made in ways that are fair and honest.” This definition of Social Justice is really something that sounds good. However, what exactly does a “fair and equal society” mean. What does that entail? A search of Social Justice on Google brings up many different aspects. However, there are some aspects that Christians should not have any part in because they are opposed to the Word of God. If you take a look at this site and read the definitions given carefully, you will see that the definitions assume a Godless worldview. A major part of this idea is the fact that we should not “oppress” non-Christians. We would agree. However, their definition of oppressing includes telling other religions that their beliefs are wrong. The great commission tells us to preach the Gospel and make disciples. Also, the promotion of homosexuality is part of the Social Justice movement. While we do not believe in abusing any person in any way, it is clear that homosexuality is a sin according to the Word of God. Even the other definitions on this page betray an agenda of wealth redistribution. The root of wealth redistribution is theft.

Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

I want to begin by stating that this section is not designed to be a full exploration of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. That would require many articles in itself. However, I want to look at the elements of both of these that contradict the Gospel and the worldview of the Bible. If you want to know more, I have posted links to some websites where you can do further study.

There is no one place that states exactly what Critical Race Theory is (referred to CRT in the rest of this article). However, there are some basic principles that begin to stand out. The summary I am using comes from this site. Here are the basics:

  1. Race is a social construct-On this we can agree. There is one race, the human race.
  2. Racism is structural-In the mind of CRT, racism is embedded in the way governments have been organized over the centuries. The white “race” was the main offender and therefore whites were the worst racists due to their power.
  3. Colorblindness is a Problem, not a Solution-Colorblindness reinforces a racist status quo
  4. Interest Convergence, not Pure Progress-This basically is the idea that progress against racism does not come from goodness in individuals, but only because these changes are in the best interest of the dominant culture which is normally white.
  5. Whiteness is Normative-Whiteness has become “normal” so anything not white is seen as not normal. This has the added idea that we cannot be “colorblind” because we reinforce the white “status quo” when we say we are colorblind.
  6. Intersectionality-This philosophy sees everyone in varying degrees of societal “Oppression”. Identity categories faced increased oppression as the number of oppressed groups they belonged to increased. The greater the oppression of a person, based on the combination of oppressed groups they identified with, the greater voice they should have. These oppressed groups also include LGBTQ+ categories.

On the first element, we would agree. We are all part of the human race. We are all children of actual people named Adam and Eve. There were no other human parents. However, that is where we must divide. CRT and intersectionality boil down to a worldview. In their eyes, humans break down into groups of more or less oppressed groups. If this philosophy is followed as far as it goes, then the ills of society can be seen as the result of either being oppressed or the freedom of being able to oppress others. The original theory behind CRT was Critical Theory. This philosophy was partially based on the writing of Carl Marx. Carl Marx provided the philosophy behind Communism, a system that would later kill millions and seek to eradicate all religion, especially Christianity. The Bible says that every individual is accountable to God. The only groups that ultimately matter in the Bible are those who are in right relationship with God and those who are not. In the Old Testament, those groups were the Children of Israel and all the other nations. In the New Testament, this became those who believed in Jesus and those who did not.

In the second part, racism is reported to be structural. Therefore, the sin of racism is no longer the sin of an individual, but the sin of a group-specifically the sin of the government in power.

Colorblindness is a problem instead of a virtue. I would concede that those who say they are colorblind to race are usually not being fully honest. However, the goal of the Word of God is for us to see others as God sees them. Believing we are superior to others because of race is to contradict the fact we are all equal as sinners that must be saved.

Instead of violation of the 10 commandments, sin is seen as being white and being in power. Therefore, guilt is no longer a violation of the 10 commandments, but of being white and being part of a power structure that oppresses others.

On the other side, intersectionality applies virtue, not on the basis of adherence to biblical values, but on the mix of oppressed groups that you yourself possess. Crime is excused or minimized based on how oppressed the individual has been. Personal responsibility is irrelevant.

Lastly, LGBTQ+ individuals are seen as part of oppressed groups that deserve more consideration. Therefore, a person who is LGBTQ deserves more protection and more consideration. It’s easy to see the danger in this. If LGBTQ+ individuals are seen as more “protected”, then any criticism of members of such groups will be seen as wrong. This includes the proclamation of what the Bible says about homosexuality–that it is a sin. As a matter of fact, Christianity is being censured in other countries such as Canada for preaching the truth of the Bible. In Canada, for example, a Pastor was arrested for preaching the Gospel.

In the tragedy of George Floyd’s and other’s death, we see more public statements that betray the CRT and Intersectionality that are the foundation of the anti-racism movement. Historically, the United States was founded upon and has affirmed Judeo Christian values. That is the danger. In CRT, the government that allowed the great sin of slavery was predominantly white and embraced Judeo Christian values. The agenda will be to overturn the US government. Although our politicians and, increasingly our laws, are departing from Judeo Christian values, these values are still seen as a system of oppression. It will not be long before proclaiming the Gospel will be oppressive and hate speech. Some LGBTQ+ groups are already trying to push this agenda in other countries. It will only be a matter of time before it happens here.

Black Lives Matter

I want to state first that I agree with the idea and the concept that Black Lives Matter. So many quickly want to say, “Well, all lives matter!” There’s a fundamental misunderstanding. If I say, “Sugar is sweet”, it would not be logical to assume that I am trying to see that nothing else is sweet.  The fact is that African-Americans have seen many of their people murdered at the hands of police with no justice. Perhaps a more helpful slogan would have been “Black Lives Matter, too” Black lives do indeed matter. They deserve justice and protection as much as any of us.

Now, let’s move on to the organization of Black Lives Matter. If you take a look at what they believe from the website of Black Lives Matter under What we Believe, you will see some troubling things that they affirm.

They state that one of the areas they work to dismantle is cisgender privilege. Cisgender is a word that refers to those that believe in biological male and female sex. They, therefore, fight to dismantle biological sex that is based on the truth of scripture.

The next troubling statement is that they disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure. This family structure is the one taught in the Bible.

They also foster a queer-affirming network. We, as Christians, should fight for the basic rights of all humans. The laws given to Isreal to execute homosexuals were given to Israel not given to us as Americans. However, we cannot affirm the practice of homosexuality. It is a sin according to the Bible.

These aspects alone should be enough for all believers of any ethnic backgrounds to reject being a part of this organization.


As believers in Christ, we should reject any worldview that contradicts the Worldview of the Inspired, inerrant Word of God. Sin is defined as unrighteousness before a Holy God. Racism as a superiority to other ethnic groups is a sin of pride. Racism may be displayed and promoted as part of an unjust government, but men are guilty before God based on what they do, not what group they are part of does. Humans are accused of sin when they may not have sinned.

As believers in Christ, we must stand against true injustice where ever we find it. This Justice is based on the concepts of Justice from the Bible, not based on the philosophy of socialists that come from an Atheist world view. If government officials, either local or national are found to be racist and unjust, we should use every lawful method to remove them from office including exercising our First Amendment rights. We must lawfully demand justice for those who unjustly take the life of another or who suppress the rights of another. This is true even if the offender is a police officer, a KKK member, or a rioter. Part of the problem in today’s world is rioters and looters are getting a free pass from the law. Justice should apply to all.

As believers in Christ, we should seek to understand where other believers are coming from. Just because someone says “Black Lives Matter” does not mean that they are aware of the philosophies of the official BLM leadership. That individual is not our enemy.

As believers in Christ, our purpose in life is not to convert someone to a particular political party or view. Our purpose is to preach the Gospel. Believers have been spoiled for so many years in a country with so many freedoms and that, at least, gave lip service to our values. That time is coming to an end. We may well face persecution for holding to God’s Word. The only way to change a heart is the supernatural salvation of their soul through the Gospel, not making someone conservative. I understand the possible fear that comes from seeing the erosion of our freedoms. I understand the sadness of seeing this great country being destroyed from within. However, do we put our hope in a government or in God?

We must focus on the fact that the Great Commission is to preach the Gospel and make disciples of all men. As part of that,  we must do more to show His love in a hostile world as well as hold to that love as hostility increases toward us. Remember, the New Testament was written under the shadow of the Roman Empire which was a culture very much like ours.

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